Our prime focus remains of quality consultants, minimizing the turn-around time in filling positions and delivering quality services at an optimum price point.

Talent Acquisition

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Human Capital is the most valuable asset for any business. It is important that you have the right person with the right skillset, who can support the overall business objective and propel growth. Our in-house team of evaluators and recruiters are trained to source the right profiles and gauge the fitment.

Contract Staffing Solutions

Irrespective of the requirement you have on hand, our in-house pool of diverse and skilled candidates enable us to provide fast and reliable solutions, across varied staffing requirements. Our talent staffing solutions ensure rapid response times and complete cost transparency. We partner in bringing together a solution to support your need for human capital.Executives and Leaders, are busy doing what they do best. They do not believe in publicizing themselves on portals or to consultants. And that is precisely why, you approach us. We are well networked and know exactly where to look and whom to approach to ensure your need to support business objectives are taken care of in the right manner, within the set budget and timeline. As talent market experts, we identify skills and experiences that transfer well from prior responsibilities to newer roles and gain insight into our candidates’ experience, motivation and goals to ensure we find them the right job.

Employee Assessment


Cognitive Assessment

Our experts will ensure you do not mis-hire!
We offer over 50 scientifically validated tests, that allow us to predict real time job performance, by matching your candidates with job specific skills. Be it coding, operations, marketing, sales, client servicing, delivery capabilities and many more. Do we also place a tab on your candidates critical and analytical thinking? Yes! We do! We ensure you invest in the right human capital from all walks of life. We ensure your candidate receive the best experience and there is no compromise in quality. We partner and serve as an extension of your brand!


Domain Assessment

What is expected out of a candidate today, is far more vibrant that what it used to be before. We understand and believe, that an enterprises human capital needs to be assessed and tested to help organizations measure a wide variety of skills, that are centered towards a specific industry, domain or region. Domain Assessment services offered by us are suitable to evaluate your candidate’s job – specific skill sets. Be it Software Professionals, Sales Leaders, Business Operations Experts and many more. Our tests, can also be used to invest to re-skilling or up-skilling your Workforce.


Communication Assessment

Communication today, be it verbal or written remain as one among the most important key to success. We evaluate your candidates skills in communicating clearly and effectively, while using professional communication etiquette. We evaluate the candidates' skills in comprehending and interpreting written communication; assess their verbal communication skills; active listening and the interpretation of non-verbal cues.


Behavioral Assessment

Our in-house pool of clinical psychologist’s help is assessing your candidate’s behavior, attitude and adaptability. We observe, analyze, characterize an individual’s Behavioral Competencies, which could directly impact the job role. Behavioral Assessments are widely different from Personality Tests. We understand this difference and the impact it can create. Our Behavioral Assessment methods help recognize the ‘how’ and ‘what’ behind a behavior, enabling the hire of right candidates.

HR Support Services


Incubation Center

We align our skills in HR Services for enterprises that aspire to establish their entity in a specific region. Our Incubation Center Support Services, provides a comprehensive Plug and Play model for our clients. Physical Infrastructure that covers the expanse of Space, Equipment’s, IT Infrastructure, Secretarial, HR & Payroll are all covered by us, while we offer the most preferential rates.


HR Consulting and Advisory

We offer an end-to-end pragmatic HR Consulting and Advisory services, covering the expanse of HR Policies, Training and Development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Payroll Management, Leave Management and most importantly, HR Statutory Compliances. We help our clients, develop and streamline their HR division.


Policy Formulation and Drafting

HR Policies remain as the guideline and framework by which the employees are managed and ensure that the organization complies with the regional Governmental norms and laws. We create processes that would best suit the company, while truly focusing on striking a balance between safeguarding their employees and the company’s interest and vision.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Holding complete ownership over our clients Recruitment Process, we take over the entire responsibility of design and management of the recruitment process and the overall results. We remain committed towards advancing, elevating, and promoting a strategic hiring solution for organizations seeking to reach their highest potential through Human Capital.


HR Audits

We play a vital role in recognizing the overall strength of an organization while identifying what needs to rectified or improved. We evaluate the overall policies, processes, procedures and practices, that may determine the effectiveness of acquiring and retaining Human Capital. We render our Audit services to help streamline and redefine Performance Management Audit, Recruitment Audit, Recruitment vendor Audit, Increment and Appraisal Audit, Policy or Handbook Audit, Exemption Audit and Job Description Audit